Shop up and running!


It’s officially summer! And as a friend posted on social media, that means we are officially half way through 2016. Wow.

A lot has changed in 2016 (though when anyone asks, I can hardly give an answer!).  Most important for me, I’ve transitioned into a fully creative work life working at a popular crafting blog and local photography studio (a long ways away from my previous life). I’ve also made a mess of my apartment with all the projects and ideas I think I have the time to finish, and have been spending an obsessive amount of time educating myself on getting my work out there. Being the opposite of a shameless self-promoter, this has always been quite a hurdle.

To close the loop, I’ve decided to open up shop on Etsy under the name of Franciscan Wallflower. I hope you’ll check it out, and share!

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